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Appius - The God Of Digital Transformation
He is the divine Lord of Digital Transformation. Anything he touches, transforms digitally. He is the savior of enterprise customers
Every Appian App needs a good health check every now and then. This Doctor provides universal health care. She does not need insurance, she does not ask for Co-pays, there are no deductibles and all that non-sense. Its Health care for All, Go to Dr.Appian. Get your diagnosis today!
Appanandha - The Appian Guru
Appanandha is not a single person. Its is a joyful state where a person teaches his Appian knowledge to the person who does not have it. He removes Ignorance in people and helps attain digital nirvana. Appanandha - made of two words - Appian and Anandha. He who finds happiness in sharing Appian...
Appie - The Appian Baby
Meet Appie - The cute Appian Baby. Throws lots of Tantrums. Never happy with the existing features. Always wants more components, features, smart services and on and on and on..
Apparna - Traditional Appian Look and Feel
Meet Apparna – She is so Traditional, Queen of the portal world.She is so elegant. A vintage time gone by.
Meet Appiana - She is so Modern, She is so Reactive.She is so packed. She loves to SAIL. Every Appian user loves to look at her!
Meet Appu - The Appian Low Code Designer. He does not code. He does not sweat coding. He draws it, he drags it, he drops it. He is a coding artist! He works for Appian Professional Services, He works at Partner Appian Practices and He works at Customer Appian CoE!
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